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Age: 30

Business: Total Package 808

Slogan: Details Matter


About: After years of education and experience, implementing training programs for optimal muscle activation, intensity, and injury prevention are key to client success. A strong belief in movement modification and professional assistance for increased client workloads, clients see greater results in strength, muscle hypertrophy, and fat loss. In conjunction with meal plans using quality food choices and nutrient timing, clients may see accelerated results.



  • 12+ Years of Competitive Bodybuilding Experience

  • BS Degree in Kinesiology - Exercise Science & Lifestyle Management

  • ACSM, NCSF, & TRX Certified Personal Trainer

  • 2016 Aloha Muscle Heavyweight Champion

  • Former USPA Hawaii State Deadlift RAW Record Holder


Text: 808-927-1645

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