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Iron Hawaiian Fitness has everything you need to train. Though we've made upgrades year after year, IHF offers a unique experience, in that, we may not always have the newest stuff, but cater to those who go to the gym on a mission. From Powerlifting to Bodybuilding, Fitness Enthusiasts to Professional Athletes, we hand select every piece because it's what works best! We've created an atmosphere to keep you focused, but making sure you feel at home. Real people, real gym, real training.

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Iron Hawaiian Fitness was founded by Marc Kenolio, an Oahu native, in 2011. In 2012, Marc then moved his small, one-on-one, personal training studio to a 1200sq.ft. space and decided to expand by allowing independent trainers to pay a fee to train their own clients. Once the gym moved to the larger space and additional trainers began working there, IHF was able to expand even more.